Monday, 14 March 2016

Mango Benefits To Beauty

Mango or which has the Latin Mangifera indica is one of the fruits that are not familiar to everyone. This is because mangoes are numerous and easily found in the tropics and one of them is the Indonesian state. Mango is a fruit that we often encounter in circles around our homes, the mango is a fruit that has a thick flesh and taste very sweet. Mango also has many types including manalagi mango, mango arumanis, mango doll and many more. Each type of mango has a different texture and flavor. For many types of mangoes are appreciated by the public in general is kind aromanis mangoes and manalagi. Both the mango glance has a shape and texture of the meat are the same but have different flavors. Related to mango fruit turned out to have the features that you need to ketahi which has many useful benefits for female beauty and health. This is of course influenced their nutritional content contained in it, then do not be surprised if a mango is very beneficial for health and beauty. The nutrients contained in fruit mango are enzymes, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, glutamine acid and many more. Here are the benefits of mangoes for beauty and health. Softens the skin and visible shine the benefits of the first mango is beneficial to soften the skin. If you want your skin soft and glowing, it is very easy enough you eat mangoes every day it really helps the process of the growth of new skin cells appear soft and shiny. For maximum results you can also make a mask of mango skin and do regularly every day. Face mask As in the above explanation that mango is also very good for your use as a face mask and thus has tremendous benefits for the health and beauty of your skin. To make a natural mask of mango You just simply use the mango skin that has been blended with refined after it gave a little honey. After that, apply on your face and do every day for maximum results. whiten Benefits of mango next is to help whiten the face quickly. The trick is easy enough to prepare mango chunks and then give a little flour then mix well. If it is well blended and turned into a paste then ready to be used as a face mask that serves to whiten the face. If you want to get fast results and maximum, do regularly every day. Helps cure Diabetes For the benefit of mangoes for health is to help cure diabetes. This is because the amount of mango has a low glycemic index which is about 40-60 only. So therefore if consumed by your diabetes is safe and it can help the healing process diabetes. Besides in can be consumed directly, you can also by boiling mangoes to be taken boiled water. If you can eat the cooking water will be much better result and good in the healing process diabetes.

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